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Workshop in Landscape Garden

Landscape garden workshops are a private or group support method that guides you in beautifying and maintaining your landscaping. They are concrete and technical advice and ideas submitted by a landscape architect to help you better tame your garden, choose suitable plants, and beautify your outdoor space.


Ophélie, a landscape architect and teacher, accompanies you and advises you to develop your landscaped garden.

Have you lost control of your plants? Do you like nature and want to enrich the biodiversity in your garden? Do you have ideas but don't know where to start? Workshops in landscape gardens are the perfect formula for you.

Ophélie Huyet, landscape architect and landscaping plan design teacher, accompanies you and advises you to help regain control of your garden or improve it, and develop your ''gardener soul''.


Choose the landscape garden coaching formula that suits you the best!

''I share my knowledge with you, advise you and assist you, online, to study your needs and answer your questions.''



Garden Design

(3 hours)


Photo creditDmitry

Limit of servitude, terrace or patio, and installing a swimming pool, all have technical aspects to consider.

This workshop will allow you to:

  • Decode a location certificate

  • Prepare the layout plan

  • Organize spaces and structures

  • Choose and locate plants

  • Choose building materials

CAN $110


Annual Show

(2 hours)

choisir-les-plantes atelier-jardin-amenagement-paysager-paysages-7-greenscreen.jpg

Photo creditzhugher

Wet soil or dry soil, sun or shade, all plants have their preferences and offer you a show all over the seasons.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Choose the plants

  • Match colors

  • Play with heights

  • Create points of interest

  • Beautify with blooms

CAN $80


A la carte

(1 hour)


Photo creditKaty

Furnish a space, bring it back to life or add a personalized touch; here are tips and tricks for your garden.

These micro-workshops will guide you to:

  • Put in order your outdoor space

  • Integrate decorative elements

  • Fit constructions

  • Identify your garden style (Zen, Contemporary, English, Californian)

CAN $35

* Prices include: taxes and all documents relevant to the chosen workshop, which you will receive by email.

* Rates included: taxes and all relevant documents that you will receive by email.


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