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Our projects are the result of your needs, your ideas, and our creativity and take into account the biodiversity.

Structuring the space in your garden creates the framework in which the plants flourish, in addition to offering you a pleasant environment to relax with family or friends and enjoy a space of plenitude while respecting the environmental framework and biodiversity.


All our projects take into account the existing natural context and their ecological integration.

  • Your project is carefully studied, and all styles of landscape gardens (modern, country, zen, contemporary, edible...) are analyzed to offer you the best option that corresponds to your tastes and needs.

  • The plans for your project allow you to carry out the work and plant yourself, at your own pace, or entrust it to a landscaper.

  • The landscape architect of Paysages 7 GreenScreen has over ten years of passion and practice. Her professional experiences in different countries and her vocation for protecting the environment ensure the implementation of micro-ecosystems to welcome biodiversity in your garden.


Working remotely allows bringing life to your projects in Quebec, Canada, or International.

Projet global

Each project has particularities, depending on the landscape and the client's needs: minimizing maintenance, climatic conditions, choice of plants, and integration of decorative and structural elements...

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