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Plans for space organization, implementation, planting, and 3D perspectives contribute to making your project viable in the long term.

Throughout the process of creating the landscaping project, we have been in close communication to work together on the project's development.

The client had specific needs and wanted to create a friendly space in his backyard to welcome family and friends but also enjoy a place of well-being and relaxation in which the sound of water would be a key element.

Organization of the spaces

In this project, each space has been carefully studied to accommodate an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor living room, a relaxation area around a fire, and a meditation space enhanced by a waterfall.

The objective is to offer an outdoor layout that reproduces the indoor facilities, in harmony with the architectural setting.

Plan d'aménagement paysagers avec identification des espaces

Plan I - Organization of the spaces

© Ophélie Huyet

Inserting the key elements

The transposition of the architectural lines, straight and pure, ensures a precise organization of the spaces. Steps between each utility area contribute to a fluid and unique connection between the different landscaped areas.

A terrace on two levels separates the outdoor kitchen from the outdoor living room, and a step allows guests to sit around the fire.

Plan de conception paysagère représentant une terrasse, un patio, un bassin

Plan II - Inserting the key elements

© Ophélie Huyet

Plant selection and location

The chosen plants ensure a rich biodiversity by attracting butterflies and pollinator insects.

Aquatic plants are planted in the pond to ensure oxygenation and purification of the water. If the client wishes, fish can be integrated since water lilies will provide shade and protection.

Plan de plantation indiquant le nom des végétaux et les quantités

Plan III - Planting plan

© Ophélie Huyet

Project visualization in 3D

Showing to the client 3D perspectives allowed him to locate himself in the space and visualize, with the greatest possible precision, the visual effect of his future landscaping.

Furthermore, it allowed him to make modifications in real-time to ensure that the final rendering corresponded to his needs and tastes.

Plan d'aménagement paysager avec représentation visuelle 3D

Plan IV - 3D Renderings

© Ophélie Huyet

Project implementation

A plan with dimensions and construction details was provided to ensure that the project is carried out; by either the client or a landscape contractor.

This plan guarantees the correct implementation of the project, to estimate the exact quantity of materials needed, and to save on construction costs.

Plan de réalisation pour un aménagement paysager avec les dimensions

Plan V - Spaces and structures dimensions

© Ophélie Huyet

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