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A well-designed and well-thought-out landscaping plan ensures the success of your project and avoids many mistakes.

The design of your landscaping plan helps to avoid mistakes you will face when it comes time to achieve your landscaping. These errors impact your budget, the working time of realization, and your well-being.

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1/ Not planning

The first mistake is not having an overall idea of your landscaping project, which can be costly when carrying out your landscaping work. This is why it is necessary to draw a comprehensive plan to plan the smooth running of your landscaping project.


2/ Do not take into account the existing environment

You have to consider the natural environment and the existing visual of your current landscaping. You must make sure you know where the easements are, the rights-of-way of your land, and know the city's regulations regarding the location of constructions and plantations and any element you wish to implement in your landscaping.


3/ Block access

It often happens to fence off the backyard, place planting beds, or plant trees, and thus block access during work requiring machinery. You have to undo what has already been done, which is very expensive. Think about the practical and functional side of your landscaping and its aesthetics.


4/ Put too much

Wanting to put too much produces a lack of unity in your landscaping and splits it into different areas, thus creating a visual imbalance. Prioritize and make wise choices when planning your landscaping project.


5/ Inadequate constructions

Following the construction of a patio in a backyard, you realize that your garden furniture is too big, and you have to get rid of it. The structure is then inadequate for your needs. Think about dimensions and adhere to building standards when planning your project, which will ensure functional landscaping.


6/ Sunlight orientation and wind

Sitting on a deck to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the sun and find yourself in full shade is unpleasant. Place the deck in the sun and decorate it with plants that will provide shade. And if it's too windy, plant a hedge or include a visual panel. This will bring a personalized and functional touch to your landscaping.


7/ Illogical construction order

In logical order, the realization of landscaping work must be done as follows: leveling, carrying out the earthwork, setting up constructions, planting trees, adding topsoil, planting beds, setting up mulch, sweeping and cleaning surfaces, then watering. Construction first, then manual work.


8/ Bad location of plants

Depending on its variety, each plant requires a specific location in your landscaping. Some will thrive in constant sunshine, while others prefer to shelter under the top of a maple tree. Make sure you know the survival characteristics of each of your plants so you can find the best place for them to thrive in your landscaping.


9/ Unplanned budget

You have planned beautiful landscaping according to your tastes and desires in materials and plants. But now, your budget does not cover the purchase costs, and to this is added the labor costs to carry out the work of your landscaping. Plan your budget well! And if it is the garden of your dreams, carry out the work in different phases spread over 1 to 3 years.

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