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How does landscaping add value to your home?

To add value to your home, the appearance of your landscaping should be attractive and enhance your home.

The percentage of value added to your home that landscaping will count is not an exact scientific calculation. Still, it can help boost the value of your home by 5-40% depending on landscaping style, the size of adult plants, the visual interest it will bring throughout the year, and the importance given to its upkeep, which must be impeccable.

To increase the value of your home, there are proven selling points. For example, a spacious terrace sheltered under a pergola with tall, dense vegetation in a sunny region to provide shade and cool the area naturally is a real selling point. It can increase the value of your home by nearly 30 %.

If you live in an area with a less temperate climate, expand your living space by building a solar-powered pergola that will increase the value of your home by up to 40%. You can transpose your interior to the exterior and enjoy your garden space in all seasons.

What landscaping designs can influence adding value to your home?

There are different ways to increase the value of your home with landscaping, but I will name only 3 that directly influence biodiversity and sustainable development.

Planting in all seasons

Using evergreens (conifers, grasses) provides winter visual appeal that prevents and reduces the stress we experience daily and adds aesthetic value to your home. Mature trees that provide shade around your deck can increase the value of your home by 5-20%, depending on their maturity.

Clumps of varied and optional plantations require the presence of pollinating insects which help pollinate our fruit trees and our vegetable garden and encourage biodiversity (insectivorous birds, butterflies), which is essential for sustainable development. A "plus" to add value to your home!

Ecological water point in the garden

An eco-friendly water feature in your garden can increase the value of your home by up to 15%. It brings calm and freshness and has an ecological dimension since it will be a refuge for your garden's biodiversity.

Consider the natural or ecological pool if you opt for a swimming pool. It consists of 3 areas:

  • Bathing area: equipped with a sand filter, a skimmer, a sedimentation compartment, and a UV filter.

  • Planting area: welcomes plants that purify and filter water.

  • Regeneration zone: composed of a waterfall or a stream whose water is always in motion to aerate the basin and oxygenate the water.

Your swimming pool will then become a place of contemplation of the biodiversity in your garden, inspired by natural environments and sustainable development movements while adding value to your home.

Designing a deck or patio

Do you dream of a deck or a patio under the sun to enjoy your outdoor space? This investment can add nearly 40% of value to your home and contribute to sustainable development and biodiversity. For this, you must choose sustainable materials and favor composite woods to protect endangered wood species, reduce carbon footprint and reduce waste. Add spaces for planting or decorating with pots so that biodiversity will settle in, and the value of your home for this ecological wealth will be priceless!


Please pay attention to the importance of your landscaping in terms of buyers' first impressions when they visit your home. Well-maintained landscaping with thriving vegetation and visual landmarks indicates buyer confidence and the value of your home.

But how much should you invest...

It is generally advisable to invest between 10% to 30% of the value of your home for your landscaping. However, consider the value of the landscaping in your neighbourhood and adjust your landscaping accordingly. A house worth $250,000 will not have the same landscaping investment as a house worth $1,000,000.

In conclusion, even if your objective is to sell your house, do not invest in a sense! Examine around you how the landscaping has been designed, and make sure that the landscaping of your home provides you with a space of well-being and relaxation and that it is functional and in harmony with the architecture of your house. This is how the value of your home will increase and stand out!

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