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Landscape Architects: what they do?

As you open the patio door to your backyard in the morning to take your puppy out, the first thought that pops into your head is: Oh dear! My garden looks so neglected and dull! You concluded that you need to revitalize your outdoor living space. However, your knowledge of landscaping is insufficient. In that case, look at the experts in that field.

Landscape architects are the masters of landscaping design. In 2022, there were over 700 landscape architects in all regions of Quebec. This little-known profession is gaining to be recognized thanks to today's values linked to landscape and nature.

Aménagement paysager d'une cour avant mettant en valeur la façade de la maison
An embellishment of a front yard with a Californian-style planting bed

What is a landscape architect?

Landscape architects are creators of exceptional landscapes. They work for residential, public, and institutional spaces. Their creativity is expressed in the planning and designing of outdoor spaces to make them harmonious, aesthetic, and respectful of nature.

They are multidisciplinary artists with in-depth knowledge of the arts and sciences. They shape the world around us with their technical and horticultural expertise.

What is the role of a landscape architect?

The role of a landscape architect is to conceive, design and implement a landscape design that respects the history of the site and the local context. To do this, they apply professional skills in landscape aesthetics and environmental design.

They conduct an in-depth site analysis to understand its resources and physical characteristics. They design a project sketch, considering the customer's needs, aesthetics, and environmental and natural constraints.

The landscape architect's goal is to create a harmonious, functional space. But his role continues beyond there. Once the project is underway, the landscape architect coordinates the project. He focuses on understanding the customer's preferences and expectations for his outdoor design. In this way, the customer benefits from professional advice throughout the process, from the initial idea to the handover.

Now that you have a better understanding of the functions of a landscape architect, don't hesitate to use our services to design your outdoor environment. Our transparency and project management expertise will put you at ease. Moreover, we'll help you save money in the long term and provide maintenance tips for your outdoor space.

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