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What is landscape architecture?

The concept of landscape architecture is entirely foreign to you, but you are curious to learn more about it because you are at the stage of designing your outdoor space. It is high time to immerse yourself in landscape architecture to understand how it can make your garden more harmonious.

Landscape architecture is the art of understanding and designing landscapes in all their diversity. For a landscape architect, the professional who practices landscape architecture, your garden is more than just an arrangement of plants and flowers. It is, for him, a space that he can transform into a living masterpiece.

© photo credit: Ophélie Huyet / Mycenae, Greece

History of Landscape Architecture:

In the first place, landscape architecture has its origins in Antiquity. The term "landscape architecture" first appeared in Scotland in 1828 in the title of a book by Gilbert Laing Meason. The first to claim the professional title of "landscape architect" was Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux when they presented their plan for the development of Central Park in New York in 1858.

Through the centuries, the field of landscape architecture has grown to encompass urban planning and the design of public spaces. Landscape architecture, also called landscape architecture, is a field of expertise that deals with different elements:

  • the possibilities and constraints of a site;

  • the heritage significance of cultural landscapes;

  • the restoration and expansion of ecological communities;

  • the role of nature as well as vegetation;

  • the efficient and aesthetic use of materials.

Environmental concerns heavily influence current trends in landscape architecture.

A multidisciplinary field:

In his role, the landscape architect is a visionary. He is constantly looking for ideas to design outdoor spaces that are helpful, innovative, pleasant, and respectful of the environment.

They call on technical, environmental, and horticultural knowledge while integrating artistic design. Some also specialize in the residential sector to improve the quality of life in outdoor spaces.

In our current context, the digital world has allowed the profession to expand abroad. Now, Canadian landscape architects are offering their services to achieve projects overseas. They use their flair and creativity in organizing residential spaces, bringing innovative solutions and garden designs anywhere in the world.

You want to add a new dimension to your outdoor space. Landscape architecture proves to be the perfect concept to create an extraordinary visual experience with your garden. Landscape architects specialize in meeting your preferences, needs, and vision. Discover now our specialized services in landscape architecture.

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